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Get Rid of The Regular Badge Styles Using Custom Layout Option!


With no exaggeration, yes! It is a powerful tool. This global add-on will take your Elementor WordPress based website to a brand new creative level.


Well inserted customization options are available within Elementor Global Badge Add-on. All of those controls will let you adjust your badge the way you want.

Easy to Use

No coding skills required, no need to write an extra line of custom code. We considered including the options you will need within this Global Add-on for Elementor.
And much more could be added... You are absolutely not limited!
What's Included in This Global Feature?

Elementor Global Badge Main Features

Works With Any Elementor Content

Premium Global Badge is a global feature developed exclusively for Elementor Page Builder. This new addition could be used anywhere across your Elementor website, starting from Elementor Sections, Columns, and Inner-Sections moving forward to any widget developed for Elementor.

Available in 6 Different Styles

Elementor Global Badge is coming with six different styles as you will get the ability to pick your favorite badge style by selecting from Stripe, Flag, Triangle, Circle, and Bookmark style. That’s beside, the powerful Custom Layout which will allow you to add external custom blobs/shapes as a badge style.

3 Icon Types are Included

Besides the badge text, you will be able to add Font Awesome or SVG Icons, Custom Images, and Lottie Animations. All of those icon types are coming with advanced customization options to make it easy for you to adjust your Elementor Global Badge the way you want with no effort.

Fully Customizable and Adjustable

Premium Global Badge for Elementor Badge Builder could be counted as a well coded global feature as we have considered your needs and your expectations for that reason you will find powerful styling options that will allows you to customize and adjust it the way you want.

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